3 Construction Products You Can Use to Make Your Home More Fireproof

Even though no particular construction material is fully fireproof, some practical steps can be taken to make your building more resistant to possible fire disaster. Apart from reducing the financial losses attributed to damaged property, fireproofing your building will, more importantly, enhance the safety of its occupants.  

Here are a number of construction products that you can use to fireproof your house, allowing those inside plenty of time to escape in case of a fire accident.

Glass blocks

Fire-resistant glass blocks come in various shapes and thicknesses depending on the requirements of your particular application. Therefore, you must always specify the expected performance level so as to ensure that you have the right type of fireproofing glass.  Tempered glass blocks, for example, can be pre-treated to ensure that it is many times stronger than regular glass. This way, it can withstand heat exposure up to a certain level without breaking. When installed on windows and doors, heat-treated glass blocks serve as more than just fireproofing installations; they provide a strong physical barrier that thwarts any attempts by intruders to gain access to your property.

Gypsum board

Gypsum board, commonly referred to as plasterboard, is typically installed on walls and ceilings. Unlike other panel-type construction products, e.g. plywood, fibreboard, and hardboard, this type of board has great fireproofing properties due to its non-combustible core. If you need greater fireproofing performance, you should consider using fire rated gypsum board, as it has a specially formulated glass fibre reinforcement within its core to help it bear up to a fire exposure a bit longer.

Steel framing

Steel is a tough, hardwearing metal that can handle exposure to extreme heat remarkably well. Unlike wood, vinyl and plastic, which will easily burn when they catch fire, steel will retain their shape and structure no matter the intensity of the fire. It is this attribute that makes steel the best construction material for your window and door frames, as windows and doors are typical emergency exit points in case of fire breakouts. What makes steel framing even better than other metal framing options such as aluminium is that it won't be dented when a fire accident occurs. All you will need to restore the initial charm of the framing is a new finish.

Using the above-discussed building products can go a long way in making sure that your property is better protected in the event that any fire hazard arises.

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