Features to Consider, and Some to Ignore, When Choosing a New Wardrobe

When shopping for a new wardrobe, you want to take your time to compare all the available features, but note that not all the features offered may actually work for you as you expect. Consider some features you may want to include and some you want to think about carefully before you buy a new wardrobe.

1. Staggered racks

It's not unusual for a wardrobe to have staggered racks, meaning a top rack from which you can hang clothes and then a rack underneath this. However, this is a feature to think about carefully. While it may seem good to have a rack closer to the floor for added space, it may also be very inconvenient to have your clothes at anything other than eye level. Unless you're buying a wardrobe for children, you might need to invest in a wider unit to keep all the clothes you need rather than getting one with a lower rack that you need to reach down or even bend down to manage.

2. Smaller, spinning racks

A good way to maximize storage space is to have a smaller, spinning rack, such as you see at a department store. These smaller, spinning racks can hold neckties, trousers, and other such smaller items that fit on hangers that are very narrow, or on hooks built into the rack itself. This gets these items out of a drawer so they're easier to access and also opens up space on other racks that are needed for shirts, dresses, and suit coats.

3. Mirrored doors

Having a mirror inside the door of your wardrobe can allow you to see your outfit before you leave the house, but here too you need to think carefully about this option. If you already have a full-length mirror at home, this space might be better utilized if it had hooks, smaller shelves for items like neckties or lingerie, and the like. 

4. Shoe storage

Don't forget about your shoes when choosing a wardrobe, as it does no good to keep your clothes organized but then not be able to find your shoes in the mess by the front door. Shoe storage also protects your shoes from getting damaged when you simply toss them into a box or have other shoes land on them when they're at the entryway. Always look for shelving for shoe storage when choosing a wardrobe for your home.

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