Be Sure to Ask the Right Questions When Hiring a Skip Bin

When hiring a skip bin, you may be worried about the size of the bin and if it will hold the waste your project will generate more than anything else. However, there is much more to hiring and using a skip bin than just ensuring you get the right size. Asking a few simple, but important questions when you rent a bin will ensure you understand how the process works and get the right bin for your property and your project. Note a few of those questions here.

1. What clearance is needed for the door?

Getting a walk-in bin can make it easier for you to toss out heavy objects, as you then wouldn't need to lift those things over your head to toss them over the side of the bin. This can also make it safer for you to toss out items that may be dangerous for you to lift and potentially drop on yourself, such as large chunks of concrete. However, remember that a skip bin door is not like a house's door, in that it may need a much wider clearance to open properly. If you want to put the skip bin close to your home, garage, or a tree on your property, be sure you've figured in this clearance as needed.

2. Are asbestos or hazardous materials skip bins safe to use?

When cleaning out asbestos or another hazardous material, it's not unusual for a contractor to rent a skip bin to collect the material and then take it to a disposal center. You may be worried about using that skip bin after it's been exposed to asbestos, chemicals, oils, and the like. If you hire your skip bin from a company that rents out these types of bins, ask about the lining they put in the bin and then remove after the hazardous materials are emptied. If they don't use a lining as per government regulations and aren't willing to tell you about this type of lining, you might do well to choose another bin or even another company.

3. Can any materials expand when put in the bin?

Soil sometimes expands after it's been dug up, as it's then exposed to air that causes it to become less compact. Note too that concrete chunks will take up more space than poured concrete, as you can't fill those nooks and crannies that are between the chunks. Ask the bin rental agency how to calculate the size of bin you need when disposing of any material that may expand or simply take up more space when broken up and tossed out in the bin.

For more information, contact a local skip bins rental company. 

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