Measures That Ensure Air Sample Tests Accurately Reveal a Mould Problem

Are you wondering whether the building inspection did not accurately capture the extent of the mould problem inside your home? Read on and discover some of the measures that building inspectors use to get an accurate measure of the extent of a mould problem in a home. Use this information to allay any doubts that you may have about the accuracy of mould inspections.

Taking Outdoor Samples

Building inspectors may take air samples from outside your home in order to have a point of reference when assessing the extent of mould growth in your home. The inspector may take a sample of air from the leeward side of your home in addition to a sample from the windward side of the house. These samples help to give an indication as to whether the detected mould has just been blown by the wind or it is originating from your property. The indoor samples will be compared to the outdoor samples. Remedial measures may be suggested based upon the observed differences. For example, the inspector may recommend that you install a better filter on your HVAC system if the magnitude of mould outside your home is similar to that inside the home.

Keeping the Doors and Windows Shut

Building inspectors can also increase the reliability of indoor air samples by closing all the doors and the windows as the air samples are taken. This will remove any doubts that may be generated by the idea that the mould detected in the air samples was carried into the home by the wind as the inspectors were capturing the air samples. You should therefore have no doubts that the test results reveal the magnitude of the mould problem inside your home.

Turning Off Air Exchangers

Mould test results may not depict an accurate picture of the problem if air exchangers are operating while the air sample is being taken. This is because the air exchanger may increase or lower the concentration of indoor mould spores by channeling air from outside into the home. In case the mould problem inside is extensive, the air from outside may reduce the concentration of the mould spores in the air samples taken. If the mould problem is outside the home, the air exchanger may transfer the spores into the house. This can give misleading results. Turning off air exchangers as well as fans removes that source of inaccuracy.

As you can see, everything possible is done to ensure that mould test results are accurate. You should therefore act on any advice given to you once the building inspector delivers his or her mould inspection report to you.

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