Four Ways Window Security Film Can Compliment and Enhance Window Security Systems

Home security systems often come with elements to protect your windows. These window security alarms can be useful, but if you want comprehensive protection, you should consider augmenting your window security equipment with security film. Here are the top four reasons why:

1. Security film prevents breeches

Depending on the equipment you buy, window sensors can be triggered if the window is opened, if the screen is cut or if the glass is broken. Once the sensors are triggered, the system connects to the monitoring station which, in turn, contacts the police. These sensors ensure that no one gets into your home without being detected, but they actually do nothing to keep criminals out of your home.

In contrast, security film can prevent thieves from getting in. The film adds a protective layer to windows, that makes them resistant to breaking. When used in conjunction with window locks and security alarms, window film makes your windows virtually impenetrable.

2. Security film prevents damage

If someone breaks into your home, you face a lot of different costs. You have to pay to replace your items, and you may spend money bolstering your security after the fact. In most cases, you may also have to pay to repair anything the intruders have broken.

With window film, at least you don't have to worry about expensive damage to your windows, regardless of what else may get damaged during the break-in.

3. Security film serves dual purposes

Alarm systems can serve dual purposes in some cases. For example, some people use the sensors on their doors or windows to ensure that their toddlers or teenagers aren't leaving the house without permission.

Similarly, window security film can provide dual functions. In addition to protecting your home from intruders, security film can protect your windows from flying debris in the midst of hurricanes.

4. Security film can be tinted for your family's health

When you add a security system to your home, it often does a bit more than monitoring your home for potential intruders. Many contemporary systems also monitor your home for smoke or carbon monoxide.

Unfortunately, security film doesn't monitor your home for anything, but it can prevent cancerous sun ray's from reaching your skin. When you install security film, you can opt to have it tinted, and that can block UV rays from entering your home.

Looking for more ways that window security film can enhance and compliment window security alarms? Then, contact a security film seller.

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