Reasons to Consider a Steel Staircase When Constructing a New Home

If you are constructing a multilevel home, one of the design decisions you would have to make is what material to use for your staircase. Although timber has been a popular material for staircases, more and more people are gravitating toward steel, no matter the overall design of the home. These types of staircases have both their structural frame as well as the stairs made from steel. However, you could also opt to integrate other materials such as glass to form the balustrading of the staircase. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a steel staircase when constructing a new home. 

A steel staircase is durable

When you opt for a staircase made from timber, you will find that it is recommended to also invest in carpet runners for your stairs. These carpet runners function to protect your stairs from chips and scratches, especially if the stairs are exposed to high foot traffic. With a steel staircase, you do not have to worry about this superficial damage. Steel is inherently a strong and durable material. Hence, it will not succumb to premature wear and tear due to consistent use. Additionally, steel is not susceptible to warping, cracking or rotting over time when exposed to wet or humid conditions. As long as the steel has been protected from corrosion, the staircase should service you for a significant amount of time without any incident. 

A steel staircase can be used for interior and exterior applications

Another reason to consider steel as your material of choice for your stairs is their versatility in and around the home. This is especially great if you are trying to connect the indoors and the outdoors using your staircase. The steel stairs can lead from an upper level to the deck, can be used as stairs for a widow's walk, or they can simply be used to connect from the driveway straight into the home. This is not the case with material such as timber as the part of the stairs being used for the exterior will require regular maintenance to ensure that it does not succumb to wear and tear from the elements. 

A steel staircase affords you design creativity

One thing to note about steel is that it is a flexible material. As such, it is a great option for homeowners who would like a uniquely designed staircase for their home. With a steel staircase, you can opt to have it curve without the added expense of installing support beams. Additionally, steel can be used in tandem with a myriad of other materials. Therefore, you can rest assured that the staircase will integrate well with the chosen interior design of your residence. 

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