Follow These Tips When Building an Addition on Your Home

Building an addition on your home is a great way to expand the size of your home for a growing family or extra needs, from adding a second story to building a room in the back. However, there are some things you need to do before you get started building. Here are some tips and guidelines to follow when you are thinking about a home addition.

Find Out About Permits First

Not all houses will be able to get a home addition, so you should figure out the legal aspects first. Visiting the local permit office not only lets you find out if it is even possible, but also avoid fees and penalties from not getting the right permits. Some home remodeling projects don't require a permit, but this is a major type of construction and typically does require it. It is good to have some type of plan before you request a permit, at least with the type of addition and approximate size.

Factor in All the Materials and Tools

If you are thinking about building the addition as a DIY project, you need to consider what is needed for completing the construction. Don't just think about the building materials and design options, but all of the extra supplies and tools you will need. The flooring, roof, and walls is only the beginning. You also need to add plumbing and electrical if putting a room in with a bathroom, need to be able to have access to all necessary tools, and the knowledge to use them. This is why many people choose to hire a contractor for home additions instead of attempting it on their own.

Be Realistic About the Costs

There is a lot to consider with the overall cost of building a home addition. Even going beyond the tools and building materials you will need, think about whether or not you can stay in the home. Home additions create a lot more distractions and noise than other remodeling projects, so you might want to stay in a hotel or rent another home while the construction is being done. This further adds to the renovation costs since you need to pay for another home and this construction at the same time. If anything unexpected comes up, there might be even more construction costs going into the labor of the addition.

Consult a contractor before you start working on the home addition so you can find out about costs and what will be required.

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