Top Benefits of Vinyl Cladding When Constructing a Storey Extension

A good way to create additional space in your residence would be through a home extension, but this may not be possible if you do not have adequate yard space. If this is the case, you should consider constructing an additional storey to your home. One of the major aspects to consider when adding a new story extension is the weight it will exert on your current structure. Thus, it is essential to be mindful about the building materials that you will use. Read on to find out why vinyl cladding would be an ideal option when you are constructing a storey extension. 

Vinyl cladding is lightweight

A major benefit of vinyl cladding when contemplating a storey extension is the lightweight nature of the material. What some people may not consider once they embark on a storey construing is the vertical load pressure. As a result, once the construction is complete, you start to notice hairline cracks on your primary structure. The onset of this damage then translates into repair costs that you had not budgeted for.

You may consider reinforcing the residence before adding the storey extension, but this also means paying additional money for the building supplies and labour costs. It would be advisable to use vinyl cladding for the walls of your new extension to keep your construction within budget while not compromising the integrity of your residence.

Vinyl cladding provides thermal value

Energy efficiency has become a growing concern for Australian homeowners for various reasons. Firstly, energy efficiency is your first line of defence against exorbitant utility costs as you will not entirely depend on the air conditioning. Secondly, ensuring that your home is energy efficient means a decrease in your carbon footprint. However, if you construct a storey extension and do not keep its thermal value in mind, you could end up comprising the whole efficiency of your residence. Vinyl cladding is perfect for your storey extension, as it will prevent both thermal loss and gain when the seasons change. Thus, you get to keep your energy bills low and your extension comfortable all year round.

Vinyl cladding offers simple maintenance

Keeping the exterior of the upper levels of your home clean and pristine can be extremely difficult. Not many homeowners would want to spend their time getting on a ladder and manually scrubbing the top walls of their home. Vinyl cladding is advantageous, as it does not absorb dirt. Additionally, it does not require consistent cleaning, as an occasional power wash would be sufficient to retain the kerb appeal of your storey extension.

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