3 Reasons to Choose Engineered Stone Kitchen Benchtops

If you're installing a new kitchen, then you'll probably spend a lot of time looking at benchtops. You need to choose the right material, style and colour to complement your kitchen design and to create effective work areas.

If you like the look of stone, then you'll look at natural stonework options. However, as an alternative, you can also use engineered stone. This material has a high quartz content but also contains binding resins.

What are the benefits of installing engineered stone benchtops?

1. Get More Design Choice

While you know you want stone benchtops, it may be hard to choose which stone to use. This isn't just about how well the material performs as a work surface in a kitchen environment; you also need to pick a design you like.

If the natural stones you've looked at so far aren't a perfect match, then consider engineered alternatives. These products give you different style options.

For example, engineered benchtops come in many different colours; some have other materials added, like glass and metals, to give them different finishes. You may find a better fit for your needs here.

2. Get More Durable Benchtops

While natural stone is durable and strong, it doesn't always withstand the effects of a kitchen environment. Even if you treat your benchtops with care, they are exposed to things that might damage them.

So, for example, some natural stones might scratch or chip. Some may not be able to cope with high temperatures, leaving you with burn marks on a surface if you accidentally put a hot pan in the wrong place. Porous stones might not shrug off spills but may suck them up, creating stains that you can't easily remove.

Engineered stone is more resilient. It isn't likely to scratch, chip, burn or stain. So it looks good for longer and needs less maintenance.

3. Get a More Hygienic Kitchen

Kitchen benchtops must be hygienic. They are the places you prepare food, after all. If a benchtop gets a scratch or chip in it, then it loses some of its protection.

Dirt and bacteria collect in these weak spots; this makes part of the benchtop less clean and sterile that it should be. If you install engineered stone benchtops, then they are more likely to stay intact and, therefore, more hygienic.

To find out more about engineered stone kitchen benchtops, talk to local stonework suppliers.

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