Broom Finish Explained for Your Concrete Surfaces

When you take on a construction project, one area that requires lots of attention is the finishing. There are many projects where people invest huge amounts of money at the start but fail to leave up to the right standards when finishing. The finishing makes up the outlook of your structure. It is often the difference between landing a potential tenant or missing the sale. In this piece, you will read more about a broom finish for your concrete surfaces. It is one of the trendy and appealing finishes that you can use to finish your exterior walls, staircases, interior wall and driveways. Here are some more details for you:

The Materials You Need

  • Cement mixture – the final material laid over your slab 
  • Stiff broom – brushes over the concrete for a rough finish
  • Float or trowel – flattens the surface before the final finish
  • Dye – incorporates colour and hides surface imperfections
  • Workwear – gloves, boots and protective goggles 

How the Broom Comes In

A broom finish involves creating a rough texture on your concrete surface to create a unique finish that appeals to the eye and touch. Essentially, the finish requires you to go over freshly laid concrete with a stiff broom before it cures. You need to do this after pouring and levelling the concrete.

A broom finish is a low maintenance and affordable way of elevating the look of a concrete surface that would have otherwise remained plain. Consider having it around other areas such as pools to minimise slip and fall accidents.

The Precaution to Take

It is imperative to follow the right procedure. When brushing the concrete, some builders use a float before finishing off with the broom. However, you are better off if they use a trowel in place of a float because the trowel smoothens all the float lines in the concrete. Ensure that the builder keeps an eye on the surface and doesn't go overboard when using the trowel. Overworking the fresh surface will solidify it and inhibit you from getting a good texture when you use the broom.

The Benefits You Get

A broom finish has several benefits. First, the method is cost-friendly because of the limited supplies you need to get the finish. You only need a float, trowel and stiff broom besides the concreting supplies used to make the structure. Secondly, a broom finish does an excellent job of hiding any surface imperfections as they camouflage within the rough texture. The broom finish bridges hairline cracks that are detrimental to the aesthetic appeal of the surface. Lastly, it encourages the surface to breathe out trapped moisture reducing the possibility of attack by mould and other moisture-related elements.

To learn more, reach out to a local building supplies company.

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